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Saints Preserved


The year is 1950. High in the hills of Lebanon, religious officials and physicians have gathered at the Monastery of St. Maron, watching as the seal is broken on the casket of Saint Charbel Makhlouf, a Maronite monk dead for over half a century. A strange liquid has been noticed seeping from the tomb for several months. As the body is finally exposed, officials are stunned to observe the continual flow of blood and perspiration from a naturally life-like, flexible corpse.


He is part of a select group known as the incorruptibles, those saints that share a common and bizarre bond. Though many of these cadavers were never embalmed, somehow they remain moist and pliable-- even after the passage of centuries. This undeniably macabre phenomenon seems to contradict the very laws of nature. Many of these bodies (or parts of them) are scattered in dusty shrines throughout Europe. They exhibit almost supernatural characteristics: perhaps an eerie appearance of bright light or the observance of blood and clear oils glistening on lifelike flesh. Some emit a sweet smelling fragrance of roses or jasmine while others may possess eyes that open and shut.


From interviews with authors, scholarly experts and eyewitnesses to archival materials, historical recreations and location footage, Paulist Productions, in Association with Weller Grossman Productions presents the amazing history of the incorruptibles.

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