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Yoga Prayer

Yoga Prayer

An embodied Christian practice


Imagine what it would feel like to pray with your whole body - how powerful your prayer could become. For centuries, yoga has been used to prepare the body for meditation and communion with the divine. Now, with Yoga Prayer, Fr. Thomas Ryan offers an embodied practice to renew and invigorate your connection to God.


Join Fr. Tom as he guides you through a complete 90-minute session of prayerful posture sequences, each invoking a different attitude of the heart and mind in prayer, manifested through the body. Two gentle warm-up yoga prayers to inspiring music bring you to a place of inner quiet, followed by five more moving posture flow prayers that engage the whole person in graceful acts of worshipful praise, thanksgiving and supplication.


Yoga Prayer includes a complete instructional video for each sequence to help you easily learn the movements for each prayer.


Yoga Prayer Highlights:

  • Breathing into a place of inner harmony and peace.
  • Coming home to your body as a temple of the indwelling presence of God.
  • A sacred practice with all the health benefits of studio yoga: lower stress and improved circulation, digestion and flexibility.


Fr. Thomas Ryan, C.S.P. A Catholic priest and certified Kripalu yoga teacher, coordinates ecumenical and inner-religious relations for the Paulist community in the U.S. and Canada. His nine books include Reclaiming the Body in Christian Spirituality; The Sacred Art of Fasting; Four Steps in Spiritual Freedom; Prayer of Heart and Body; Meditation and Yoga as Christian Spiritual Practice; and Disciplines for Christian Living: Innerfaith Perspectives. To order these books, go to: www.paulistpress.com


To order Yoga Prayer, go to: www.soundstrue.com

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