"Judas, one of the most complex characters in the Gospels, lived and died in a time of political and spiritual unrest. In his search for answers, he found Jesus Christ. But what led Judas to betray the man he called friend and Messiah? ABC's interpretive dramatization Judas covers the two years Judas spent with Jesus.

The story begins at the foot of a cross, where eight-year-old Judas witnesses the crucifixion of his father, an event that will change the young boy's life forever. Many years later we find Judas (Johnathon Schaech), now aged 30, working as a wine seller and living with his widowed mother, Rohab (Suzanne Bertish). Captured by hooded men and taken to The High Priest, Caiaphas (Bob Gunton), he is called an ""agitator"" and warned that rebellion will not be allowed to jeopardize the political movement.

Later still, in the Jerusalem temple, Judas looks on disdainfully as Roman tribune Flavius (Owen Teale) exchanges money with Caiaphas. Judas tells his two co-workers, Jeshura (Danny Scheinman) and Eliakim (Elliot Levey), that Caiaphas betrays Jews by collaborating with the ""Roman bloodsuckers,"" declaring that it's time to retaliate, and that they can't wait forever for the prophesied Messiah to lead them from bondage. But then he encounters Jesus (Jonathan Scarfe) in the temple and, after witnessing Jesus' confrontation with the moneychangers and vendors, Judas becomes convinced that this is the man who will lead his people to victory.